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Minna ogenki? :) [13 May 2011|10:30pm]

[ mood | friends! ]

 Konnichiwa! Miyu-desu, but you guys can call me mi-chan...
I've been a member of this community for almost 3-5 years or so, and I'm happy to say that I'm back in updating my journals starting today! (Since I stopped posting few years ago)
Ya'll might be wondering why I posted in this community, I was hoping that other members of the community would take their time to read my posts or just the most recent one and comment on it? Of course, I would love to have you guys as my friends! =) And guaranteed that you'll have me as a viewer of your blog as well!

Ja ne!


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50+ KHR icons [15 Jan 2011|03:35pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

 T E A S E R S


( C L I C K to the EXTREEEEME for more ) @ my LiveJournal

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Cool Wallpapers [22 Dec 2010|10:32pm]

free download hot bollywood & hollywood celebrities wallpapers,romantic pictures,latest film movies,sports pictures,wrestler,HQ desktop wallpapers

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[Screenshots] Shangri-La Ep.1 [22 May 2010|09:28am]


1} Credits are required- iconbowl
2} Comments are much appreciated ♥♥♥
3} Please do NOT redistribute links or files without my concern!!!

ep 1
[123] Screenshots
File Type: JPEG in ZIP
Total File Size: 19.28MB
Dimensions: 854x480
Subtitles: Y/N
Part(s): 1

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Icon Bases [15 & 16]: Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou Episode 1 Part 1&2 [05 Jul 2009|02:50am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Total Icon Bases: 425
Anime: Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou
Episode: 1
Part One: 200 Bases
Part Two: 225 Bases

★ POST WILL BE PUBLIC FOR 3 DAYS. :) Add me for updates/previous posts, and I`ll add you back. ★
♥ The zip files are included. ♥
♥ Please follow the rules on my post. :D Thanks! ♥

Part One Preview:


Part Two Preview:


Both @ nr_icons
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[08 May 2008|08:17pm]

I wanna bokura ga ita wallpaper.. :D can someone send me links?:D
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Princess Tutu [][][] Episode 4 Screen Caps [10 Apr 2008|07:24pm]
Princess Tutu
Episode 4
747 caps at 711 x 480 resolution, plus 25 assembled pans & 6 vectors
Source: US DVD
.PNG format

Follow the link on the preview image to my journal! <3

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Princess Tutu [][][] Episode 3 Screencaps [04 Mar 2008|04:31pm]
Princess Tutu
Episode 3
1011 caps at 711 x 480 resolution, plus 23 assembled pans
Source: US DVD
.PNG format

Follow the link on the preview image to my journal! <3

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Princess Tutu [][][] Japanese Pre-Production Promotional Video [06 Jan 2008|02:16am]
Princess Tutu
Japanese Pre-Production Promotional Video at 711 x 476 resolution
Source: US DVD
.PNG format

Follow the link on the preview image to my journal! <3

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RustBlaster Icons [Chapter 1] [25 Dec 2007|09:37am]


*/  78 Chapter 1 RustBlaster Icons  /*

Please comment and credit.


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Princess Tutu Screencaps [][][] Opening, Ending, 2xHenshin, Episodes 1 & 2 [10 Dec 2007|10:00pm]

This is mostly a repost, as I am restarting an abandoned project.

Princess Tutu
Opening, Ending, two transformation sequences, and Episode 1 at 704x475; Episode 2 at 711x480.
Source: US DVD
.PNG format

Image-based links to download entries beneath the cut~Collapse )
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[09 Aug 2007|02:47pm]

04 11 09

[5] Full Metal Alchemist
[5] Kingdom Hearts
[2] Naruto
[1] FFAC
[1] Alice 19th
[1] Gravitation


(Weekends are for the Warriors)
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Loveless Manga Bases [21 Jul 2007|01:14am]


Well here we go with the first [Manga Bases] set that I'll upload to iconbowl  .

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Manga: Loveless
Volume 1 (Set#1)
Quantity: 73
Credit:iconbowl  AND/OR childs_game 

(LOOKIE HERE @ iconbowl )
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[23 Feb 2007|11:06am]

First person who wants to be owner of this community, reply here and I'll give it you.
3 pictures taken| say "chizu!"

Help [20 Dec 2006|01:01am]

Hi everyone ^__^ um, I was just wondering if anyone can help me find the actual picture for this certain icon. i'd really appreciate the help ^__^

Note: this icon does not belong to me, it was made by 'fracturedstory'
4 pictures taken| say "chizu!"

[11 Aug 2006|08:31pm]

21 xxxHOLIC ICONS (2 sets)
manga scans

TEASER: (unsharpened)

Sailor Moon Icons! [04 May 2006|03:48pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

[x]Created because Usagi is so purty
[x]Comment and Credit tygerlily_blood
[x]Mostly colored manga style images
[x]More icons/art of numerous different fandoms found

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Whee Purty Icons!Collapse )

x-posted to anime_art :: animepicsource :: fanart :: shoujoislove :: shoujosugar along with my site and any other number of places ^_^

6 pictures taken| say "chizu!"

[08 Apr 2006|08:57pm]

The first contest for anime_iawards has just began and we need some more members, please join! ^.^


[3] Full Metal Alchemist
[1] Furuba
[1] Gravitation
[1] Inuyasha
[1] Kingdom Hearts

dont be morbid...Collapse )
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[06 Apr 2006|06:56am]

i just finished making a brand new icontest community that will begin having contests as soon as we get 20 members, its called anime_iawards, and i would greatly appreciate it if people would join?


[2] Furuba
[1] Gravitation
[1] Full Moon Wo Sagashite
[2] Kingdom Hearts
OMG, and theres some icons too!Collapse )
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FMA icons [6] [03 Apr 2006|06:28pm]

Im thinking of making a new icontest community, anyone interested in helping? If so, post a comment please!!

and the icons! ^.^ Please credit and comment!!


Icons under here...no peeking!Collapse )
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