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~*~ The Anime Pictures Resource ~*~

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Welcome to the Anime Pictures Resource community! Basically this community was made to help find icon makers, wallpaper creators, graphic designers, and etc. find the images they want to use but are unable to find anywhere else. So if you are looking for good pictures to make icons out of, or see what an anime character looks like, or just share images or gallery sites with others, this is the place for you!

Maintained by fuckyeah

Rules: (Yes they suck but we got to have some)

1. Only post pictures relating to anime. Manga video game, j-pop, and doujinshi pictures are allowed as well though. If you have one picture that's not anime, but alot of other anime pictures in your post, that's allowable; just don't make a post all non-anime.

2. If posting an image over 100x100 or more than four, please use a lj-cut.

3. Sorry, no hentai posting please.

4. Do not post your own fanart unless you give people permission to use it.

5. Don't post final products here. For example, you can post icon bases, but not icons you made with pictures found here, got it?

6. Before requesting a pic, please look at memories first and see if anyone else has requested that it.

7. If posting what anime you have to take screen captures with, make sure you're through with what anime episodes you have and such. Also, you'll have to realize you have to be willing to capture something if people ask you to.

8. Don't plug your journal/community here unless it relates to anime graphics (icons, wallpapers, layouts, etc)

That's it for now! Hopefully you guys won't be bad and make me add more.

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